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Music Bio
Sirius Colors is a versatile, multi-instrumentalist Producer/DJ specializing in the integration of electronic production with live-drumming, beat-boxing, didjeridu and unique world vocals into entrancing, often almost ceremonial sets.
He delivers innovative and all original Deep Bass Trance Dub Music derived from and inspired by his journeys into ancient Mayan pyramids, the jungle waterfalls of Thailand, stone arches of Utah and underground water-caves of the Yucatan, to name just a few. Combined with a background in advanced physics and applied knowledge of sound design, the result is an eccentric yet approachable sonic experience of a very diverse nature, making Sirius Colors a multi-faceted addition to any festival or venue.

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Workshop Bio
Sirius Colors (Thomas Orr Anderson, M.A.) is a musician, physicist, inventor and sound therapist. Thomas earned his masters degree in physics studying the information storage capacities of space-time in the context of black holes and holograms. He has done extensive research in the fields of sound and vibration including investigations of the acoustics of sacred geometries and ancient temples. He travels the world studying with indigenous earth-wisdom masters and integrates their guidance into the music of Sirius Colors.
Thomas has trained intensively in the ancient arts of Qi Gong and acupressure and travels to Mexico regularly to participate in sacred ceremonies, where he is currently an apprentice of a 101 yr-old Yaqui-Mayan medicine man. Thomas lives in a quest toward the re-integration of music, Qi, physics and sacred ceremony into the LOVE-AWAKENING music experience.
Set-up / Stage Plot

Sirius Colors is a versatile all-original multi-instrumentalist dj/producer specializing in the integration of live-drumming, percussion, beat-box, didjeridu and epic world vocals into his entrancing almost ceremonial sets. The typical stage-plot includes a drum kit but can be scaled back to a dj set-up for smaller stage spaces.

Precise stage-plot and tech-rider available upon request.

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Transformational Workshops
  • The Physics of Sound and Vibration
    • A basic understanding of the physics of sound and vibrations helps us to fully actualize our potential for uniting, harmonizing and awakening through music and sound.
 In this workshop, we develop a simple visual language by which to to perceive the deeper workings of sound moving through us and around us.
 We explore the fundamental concepts of:
, Frequency and Wavelength
, Reflection / Absorption / Diffusion
, Resonance and Entrainment
. We also explore the relationships between the fundamental properties and our body-brain processes (brain waves, heart rhythm, etc. ).
…And then we take it to the dance floor!****Needs: workshop area comfortable for sitting, dry, relatively quiet
  • Awakening Chi for Festival Dancing
    • The ancient Chinese arts of Qi Gong directly to the neo-tribal festival experience. We explore how festival dancing can be our deepest Qi Gong practice, how to awaken and nurture our Qi to keep healthy and replenished in festival culture, and how Qi Gong is a grand key to sustainable living at every level.
  • Spiritual Beatboxing: The Power of the Breath in Rhythm
    • BeatBoxing as Pranayama: explore the deep soul-awakening yogic practice of beatboxing… the breath in musical rhythm. Beatboxing as a Universal Language: explore the universal communication powers of beatboxing… with other people as well as with plants, animals and the elements. Beatboxing as a Community Organizer: explore how beatboxing brings us together to connect at the deepest Soul-level.

      ****Needs: relatively quiet space.

  • Rhythm of the Heart: Synchronizing our Heart-fields
    • Our Heart’s electromagnetic field is the strongest in the body, thousands of times more powerful than the brain’s.
 It is also the easiest to connect with and control.
 Utilizing HeartMath-based techniques, we connect with the heart rhythms and learn how to easily achieve a state of coherence… where our breath, heart-rhythm, and brainwaves are naturally synchronized.
We also learn how to easily synchronize our heart rhythms with each other’s and thereby move directly into a state of conscious and tangible unity.****Needs: space appropriate for a yoga class.
  • Sacred Ceremony in Everything We Do
    • In this workshop, we explore the fundamental elements of Sacred Ceremony and how to naturally and easily integrate these elements into every part of our lives, including: smudging and ceremonial cleansing, creation of Sacred space, devotional action, sound and silence. We also explore Sacredness as action, rather than belief or concept as well as the universality of Sacredness, independent of belief-systems and cultural boundaries.****Needs: workshop area comfortable for sitting, dry, relatively quiet
Words of Praise about Sirius Colors

“Sirius Colors is one of the most multidimensional contributors I have come across in my event production career and I wouldn’t think of throwing of throwing a festival without him. Between his funky percussion-based tribal groove music, his unique participatory workshop offerings blending science and spirituality, and his extensive networks, Thomas is a valuable asset to any festival’s team.”

-Clayton Gaar, Founder and Executive Producer of Kinnection Campout

“Mr Anderson is the Neo of our Matrix… he has tasted the red and the blue pill and now shares all of his insight in beat-boxin’ body-shakin Neo tribal music….!!!”

-Futureman, 5-time Grammy winning musician and composer, Black Mozart Ensemble, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones

“Sirius Colors brings multiple facets of engagement to events, providing patrons with experiences that provoke everything from thoughtful observation & contemplation, to active, empowered participation. The level of enthusiasm, conviction, & confidence that Thomas (Sirius Colors) carries shines through in every realm- from his musical performance, to his workshops, and general presence at an event.”

-Taylor Pearon,  Tribal Council Collective

“Thomas Anderson? Well, it seems like he’s part Richard Feynman, part Peter Pan and part caveman. He’s a modern day Gurdjieff. He’s a seeker who seems to have eyes in the back of his head. To call him interesting is an understatement of grand proportion.”

-Jeff Coffin, 3-time Grammy  winner, Dave Mathews Band, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones

“Thomas Anderson is one of the most uniquely creative individuals I’ve ever come across. His abilities are as diverse as they are creative. Thomas has the qualities of both an intellectual and raw street performer. I’m always inspired when I get the opportunity to perform with him. Besides all of that, he’s also a great friend.”

-Phil Lassiter, Horn Section Leader with Prince, Composer / Arranger on 7 Grammy winning projects

“Sirius Colors is EXACTLY what every music festival needs. Thomas went out of his way to make sure our event was unique and a collaborative effort. He helped organize flow artists, workshops, and put a lot of work into his set to make sure that it resonated well with our attendees. I will have Sirius Colors at any event we do in the future.”

Corey Petree, Founder of Fly Free Fest

“Thomas Anderson plays the meanest, fastest skins I have ever heard. AND he has highly original, provocative thoughts about a kind of “communication” among the Black Holes in our Universe. Imagine that, black hole and drum talents all wrapped up in one person. I’ll bet there is not another, certainly not another like him.”

Tom Weiler, PhD, AstroPhysicist, CERN Large Hadron Collider

What makes Sirius Colors stand out?

Sirius Colors is a one-of-a-kind powerhouse, seamlessly integrating:

  • recording his sounds in secret mystical locations
  • operating under the guidance of indigenous earth-wisdom masters
  • masters degree in physics
  • playing live drums, singing and beatboxing while simultaneously computer DJ-ing
  • high energy interactive one-man live-tronica powerhouse
  • teaching a wide range of transformational workshops
  • offering live dancers, fire-flow and aerial performances with show

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Artwork / Graphics / Logos

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Notable Performances

Sirius Colors has performed all over the world from the streets of Morocco to Bonnaroo. Some especially epic and notable performances include:

  • Actual Eyes Barefoot Farm Quest, TN: Saturday night headliner
  • Nebulosity Festival, TN: Saturday night headliner
  • Kinnection Campout 2016, NC: Friday night, main stage; festival opening set, main stage
  • Florida Flow Fest, FL: Saturday night headliner
  • Southeastern tour with Kaminanda
  • Shared bill/ direct support: Ott, Kaminanda, Govinda
  • Further Fest, TN: Saturday night headliner
  • Opening/closing ceremony leader at Actual Eyes, Creatures of the Night, Nebulosity, Ott/Govinda
  • Gratifly Music and Arts Festival: sunrise set
  • Pangea and Equinox PsyTrance Festivals
  • Flow Fests: TX Flow Fest, Mountain Flow Fest, FLAME, Florida Flow Fest, SoIll Flow Fest
  • Other notable Southeastern Festivals: Zen Awakening, 3DL, Earth Dance Florida
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