Film Scoring, Soundtrack Production, and Sound Design

Sirius Colors is your secret go-to source for all the sounds you need.

The first film Thomas scored, Molly and the Kids, won first place for Best Film Score in a Nashville Film Festival.

Whether it's film scoring, custom made soundtracks or sound design for video or games, Sirius Colors will blow your mind every time.

Crystalline production... from raw natural world sounds to futuristic synthetic, Sirius Colors will make it sound better than you dreamed... and bring your production to life.

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Film Editing and Production

Sirius Colors offers a full range of video production and editing services.

Music Videos, Commercials, from YouTube/Vimeo to Feature-Length.

Whatever you need, Sirius Colors will make it tight, clean and on-point.

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Audio Recording and Production

Sirius Colors specializes in advanced audio recording and production techniques.

Utilizing the highest quality signal chains... from the mics to the preamps to the AD-conversion and clocking, Sirius Colors keeps it sounding sweet.

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