Sirius Colors Academy

Sirius Colors (Thomas Orr Anderson, M.A.) has spent his life devoted to learning and study in a broad range of fields. He has had the great fortune to be the private student of a great many masters of topics ranging from advanced holographic physics to indigenous sacred medicine paths. And for whatever reason, he has an almost magical ability to teach in a way that passes along the knowledge in the deepest of ways. He now offers private classes remotely (via skype or google hangouts) or in person. Contact him today and begin your studies.

The topics available for study include but are not limited to:

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The Physics of Sound & Vibration
Organizational and Time-Management Systems for Artists and Entrepeneurs
Discovering Your True Path
Qi Running- Healthy Running using Qi Gong
Sound Therapy and Sound Healing
Basic Web Design using WordPress
Streamlined Event Organization
Artist Incubation- Getting Your Professional Art Career Rolling Smoothly
Audio Production Using Ableton
Mystical Drumming
Making Your Ideas a Reality
Sacred Geometry
The Simple Secrets of Meditation- Your Own Path
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