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The Physics of Sound and Vibration

A basic understanding of the physics of sound and vibrations helps us to fully actualize our potential for uniting, harmonizing and awakening through music and sound.

In this workshop, we develop a simple visual language by which to to perceive the deeper workings of sound moving through us and around us.

We explore the fundamental concepts of:
-Frequency and Wavelength
-Reflection / Absorption / Diffusion
-Resonance and Entrainment

We also explore the relationships between these fundamental properties and our body-brain processes (brain waves, heart rhythm, etc. ).

…And then we take it to the dance floor

Thomas earned his Master’s Degree in Physics studying the information storage capacities of space-time in the context of black holes and holograms. He has done extensive research in the fields of vibration and acoustics including studies of the acoustics of sacred geometries and ancient temples. He was invited by the country of Malta to perform acoustic characterizations of the ancient Maltese Hypogeum temple, the oldest human-made standing structure. Thomas also actively engages in the development of technologies for the use of sound in awakening and transformation.

Awakening Chi for Festival Dancing

The ancient Chinese arts of Qi Gong teaches us to perceive, awaken and move with Qi (Chi)… the life-force energy that pervades all the universe.

Through gentle movements, postures, and visualizations, we use the breath to harmonize body, mind and spirit with the flowing patterns of the universe.

…And then we take it to the dance floor

Thomas has studied with great Chi masters from many traditions and has taught workshops and classes around the world, including as an invited speaker at the World Qi Gong Congress in San Francisco.


Self-Healing for Flow Arts

The explosive popularity of flow arts hasn’t allowed the time for the proper integration healing and strengthening practices.  In this workshop, we utilize breath-synchronized body movements with physics of gravity. Special attention is payed to the combination of strength and stability with freedom of movement. We work with medicine balls, kettle bells, rings, and staffs. The practices integrate the fundamentals of the ancient arts of Qi Gong the rhythmic flowing movements of modern flow arts. All props and styles welcome. For beginner to advanced.

BeatBoxing: The Power of the Breath in Rhythm

BeatBoxing is a universal language. However, most people are afraid to try. In this workshop, we learn just how easy is is to BeatBox and multiply the fun wherever we go.

We learn:

-how to make the sounds
-how to integrate the breath
-how to make a dance party anywhere

…And then we take it to the dance floor

At age 8, Thomas saw Doug E. Fresh live in concert and has been an avid beatboxer ever since. He is well known for instigating a spontaneous dance party or cypher anywhere he goes. Videos are posted all over the internet of Thomas getting the party crunk with nasty deep roots beatboxing. He has been teaching beatboxing lessons and classes for many years and made his living for some time beatboxing on the streets.

The Rhythm of the Heart: Synchronizing our Heart-Fields

The Heart’s electromagnetic field is the strongest in the body, thousands of times more powerful than the brain’s.

It is also the easiest to connect with and control.

With computer-based HeartMath biofeedback, we connect with the heart rhythms and learn how to easily achieve a state of coherence… where our breath, heart-rhythm, and brainwaves are naturally synchronized.

We also learn how to easily synchronize our heart rhythms with each other’s and thereby move directly into a state of conscious unity.

Sound and Healing

Throughout the history of humankind, sound has been used and a primary medium for healing and transformation.

In this workshop, we explore the primary means by which we may consciously harness the power of sound for healing and transformation in our own lives.

In the contexts ancient and indigenous teachings as well as cutting edge physics and bio-science, we develop a shared visual language and learn how to put our knowledge into practice.

With hands-on lessons in the therapeutic application of sound using:
-Singing Bowls
…and more.

…And then we take it to the dance floor

Thomas travels the globe studying with great indigenous masters from many healing traditions. He combines this ancient knowledge with his lifelong passion in music and sound as well as with his deep knowledge of physics and information theory… to share a synergetic elixer of simple, easy to understand, and practical use of sound in the context of healing and transformation.

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